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A wife, mother, grandmother, life-long learner that loves all things family, crafting, reading, writing, exploring!

Bookends of My Life

I was a young teacher and a new wife. It was a time of possibilities and looking forward. Fall registration was open at the university and I had just signed up for classes. I had gotten a master’s degree a … Continue reading

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Heirlooms, or as I like to call them, remembering things!

My family has very few things that one would call an heirloom, which is defined as “a family possession handed down from generation to generation.” Since all lines of my family immigrated three generations ago, they brought very little with … Continue reading

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First Memories

As I write this, in my mid-sixties, I find that my memories of early childhood are fleeting sense memories for the most part. They come at me as an ebb and flow. Sometimes they are visual, sometimes a smell, or … Continue reading

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Grandma’s House

This gallery contains 5 photos.

The riot of golden color outside the window captured my young imagination. The color, size, and beauty of a mature maple. This is my most vivid memory of grandma’s house. Everything was so foreign to this California girl beginning with … Continue reading

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Let me begin with some numbers. Four .. the number of states I have lived in; Eight .. the number of cities I have lived in; Sixteen .. the number of moves I have experienced; and finally, One .. the … Continue reading

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Holes in Time

When I began this search, there were so many unanswered questions and no one to ask. There were some pictures but many others couldn’t be found. In many instances, even a name was unknown. Both Rick and I came at … Continue reading

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The Missing Story

I am fascinated by family stories. I hear and see such rich family histories from friends and fellow genealogists. Some tell about great grandpa who stowed away onboard the ship to America and jumped into the water as the Statue … Continue reading

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Dale Minter

Dale Minter

A strong, kind and dependable man.

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Why do Genealogy?

Five years ago it never entered my mind to research our family history. I had a mild curiosity about who had gone before but had no one to talk to about it. Since 1996, Rick and I have been the … Continue reading

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And so it begins ….

This is the photograph that started it all. The confirmation photo for my father from 1925. I grew up looking at this photo and of course, compared it to my own photo that was taken 40 years later. I was … Continue reading

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