This blog is about my journey through our family history. Some will be my efforts to develop our family tree. Some about photographs or details of our families’ lives. I will primarily focus on the Miller/Paschen/Erickson/Rachow/Wolf families on my side and for my husband’s family it will be Lakes/Miller/Minter/Carmack/Short. The photo that I have placed as my banner is a digital photograph I took at my cousin’s cottage in central Wisconsin when I was there in the fall of 2011 on a genealogy trip, of course. Wisconsin is my home in many ways even though I only lived there until I was about 2 years old. I appreciate you visiting my blog. I hope that my thoughts somehow touch or encourage you! Happy travels!


3 Responses to About

  1. genealyn says:

    Good start to your blog and fantastic banner photo. Hope you have as much fun writing about your family history as I do. If you have not already done so I suggest you take a look at the geneabloggers site where you will find a community of genealogy bloggers. I have picked up lots of interesting tips and ideas from there.

    • molakes says:

      Thank you for checking out my blog! The process is still rather intimidating to me but every post, I learn a little more. I love the banner photo also … it touches something deep within me! I was fortunate to be in Wisconsin as the colors were changing. It was very beautiful. Thanks for the recommendation! Good luck to you!

      • genealyn says:

        I remember the feeling from when I started. Just take it one step at a time and the intimidation will soon be overcome 🙂

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